60 workshop techniques

10 organization cards

5 blank cards


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in practice!

WITFLOW CARDS workshops is a collection of meticulously selected and tested workshop techniques. Use the cards to plan meetings on virtually every topic related to product management, design and project teamwork. Each workshop technique is described with my recommendation for the stage of the workshop, the number of participants and the duration. Cards inspire and help in structuring and planning effective workshops.

workshop techniques
organization cards
blank cards
Przykład zaplanowanych warsztatów z użyciem kart i kanwy do planowania.


How tu use?

Specify the goal, available timeframe and number of participants.

Select the techniques by finding the right tags on the cards.

Place the selected techniques on the table according to the workshops stages.

Complete the plan with the missing techniques, introduction and break cards.

Adjust the plan to the available time.


Download workshop planning canvas!

Use my canvas to plan effective workshops. Download and print the canvas (A2 format recommended), prepare markers, sticky notes and workshop WITFLOW CARDS.

Fill out the canvas and place the cards with techniques of your choice on the workshop structure. Finally, take a picture of the finished plan!

Plan effective workshops!

Anna Karcz-Czajkowska


I am absolutely in love with WITFLOW workshop cards! Iga's cards help us plan well-thought-out, attractive both for participants and the facilitator workshops. I really appreciate the hints placed on them - duration, hashtags, and clear instructions. And the aesthetic thing - they are simply beautifully designed! Using them is a great experience, I recommend it with all my heart!

Anna Sołtys

User-Centered Design Lead, FreshMail

First of all, the cards are beautifully published. A solid box is a very important thing! When it comes to instructions, hashtags are a very useful thing for me. They are invaluable when picking the right techniques from your deck. In terms of the selection of techniques, there is a lot to choose from - we have known and popular methods that could not be missing, but there were also a few that I have only heard about and have not had the opportunity to use yet, which I think the cards will motivate me to :)

Magda Chabuz

Human Growth Leader, fireup.pro

With WITFLOW cards, the search for reliable information on workshop techniques has definitely become easier, more enjoyable and saves time! The useful design of the cards, transparency of information, clear instruction manual make planning workshops an extremely exciting element of my work. Explaining the rules to participants is also much easier now. The WITFLOW cards will surely be a frequent participant in workshops.

Sylwia Jasiak

UX Designer, Eura7

For a long time I have been looking for materials that will help me lead and plan workshops in a handy form. WITFLOW cards meet this need in 100%, not only thanks to a comprehensive presentation of 60 workshop techniques, but also a clear manual and a downloadable canvas. Great thing! Visually, they are so appealing that it is a pleasure to use them. I also found the tags applied to each of the cards very useful to me.

Ania Sieroń

UX ReseArcher, HCM Deck

The workshop cards are very intuitive to use and together with the canvas for planning workshops they form the perfect duo. I have already had the opportunity to use them when planning internal workshops, but also preparing classes for students. I like the format - not too big, not too small. I also like that the descriptions not only have a very specific instruction, but also give a lot of inspiration on how you can modify and adapt the activity to your needs.

Ola Strembska

Project manager

When you pick up the WITFLOW cards, you can see that they have been carefully designed. Their clarity and beautiful colors immediately encourage you to use them. The cards contain 60 workshop techniques intended for small and large groups, which have been creatively named and briefly described. The cards effectively engage training participants, making them a great tool for moderators and workshop facilitators.


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Price: 329 PLN

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